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Dark Skies

Doing what’s right doesn’t mean doing what’s easy.

For most, life in the outer sections is quiet and peaceful, the ruling Company no more than a hushed bedtime story. Marnie, a young bookkeeper, struggles against the tedium and monotony of her idyllic life, chasing thrills by jet-running - a dangerous pastime.

Worlds collide when Marnie is embroiled into a Company plot and Taken from her home to Everport, the seat of power for the evil totalitarian Company. Now the stakes have been raised and Marnie quickly learns that things are not as simple as they seem. Her black and white world is shattered into gray as tensions build and the threads of destiny close around her.

The choices she makes will free her. Or bring her world to ruin.

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Chapter 1

Marnie skidded to a halt. Gravel crunched under her boots as she crouched in the shadows, waiting, watching, listening.

Closing her eyes, Marnie focused every fibre of her being on her senses. Eventually her quarry would reveal themselves, she just had to wait.

Waves crashed on the rocks far below. Gulls called to each other over the bustle of the town in the late afternoon.

Everything melted away until it was only her and the beating sun on the earth and the sea-scented breeze.

Air rushed in and out of her lungs as she calmed her breathing. Her heartbeat slowed.

In between beats, she heard it – a crunch on the gravel. Her eyes fluttered open.

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