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About the author

I always knew I wanted to write. Even before I knew how to write, I loved to tell stories. Then reality set in and I focused my life goals on something more pragmatic. But I never stopped dreaming.

A few years ago, I decided to follow that dream and see where it got me. My first novel manifested itself faster than I could type. I could see the scenes in my mind's eye, feel the characters' emotions as they navigated the obstacles I set for them. It felt like I could touch them, if I was only willing to stretch out my hand.

My passion was born in those first few chapters.

Humans have always been storytellers. It's my dream to capture the minds and hearts of my readers. I hope my stories reach anyone who has ever looked up at the sky and asked, "Is this all there is?"

Arianwyn is a self-published author currently working on her first novel. She writes fantasy and science fiction and lives a quiet life in Brisbane, Australia with her cat, Dragon.

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